Yang farmers | low level accounts with lots of yang

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Yang farmers | low level accounts with lots of yang

Mesaj  badidol la data de Vin Feb 26, 2010 2:29 pm

Hey people,

to get rid of yang farmers we delete Yang from every low level account which has more Yang than it can possibly have with that level.
This mainly concerns Level 1 - 15 accounts with millions of Yang. We know that this is a hazzle and annoying but you can send your thanks to all those china farmers who made actions like this necessary.

This Yang is lost. So do not create bank or shop accounts with Level 1 for depositing your Yang. This Yang will not be refunded.

best regards
Metin2.ro Team



Pentru a scapa de farmerii pentru bani vom strerge depozitul de yang dupa caracterele mici, vor disparea toti banii care nu sunt normali pentru acel nivel al caracterului.

Acest lucru se refera la conturile cu level intre 1-15, ce detin milioane de Yang. Stim ca aceasta decizie este enervanta, dar a fost luata in urma repercursiunilor din china, fiind necesara si la noi.

Acest lucru duce la pierderea de Yang. Asa ca nu creati ,,Banci,, sau Magazine pe conturi de level 1 pentru a depozita cantitati mari de Yang. Yangul pierdut nu va fi returnat in nici un caz.

Toate cele bune,
Metin2.ro Team

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